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Frequently Asked Questions

How did The Searchers get their name?

Founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender, the band took their name from the 1956 John Ford western film The Searchers.

What is the movie The Searchers about?

The story is inspired by the 1956 John Ford film The Searchers, although co-director Zacharias Kunuk discarded the original's plot about conflicts between white people and indigenous peoples, instead using only Inuit characters.

What was the first single by meet the searchers?

Meet The Searchers. Meet The Searchers is a 1963 album by British rock band The Searchers. The album featured their first single released in June 1963, a version of the Drifters ' " Sweets for My Sweet ", which was a U.K. No.1 for the band, as well as their version of the Clovers " Love Potion No.9 ", which was released as a single in...

How many albums have the sixties band The Searchers released?

In their native Great Britain, between 1963 and 2019, the English rock band The Searchers released 8 studio albums, 9 extended plays (EPs) and 30 singles. However, the band's international discography is complicated, due to different versions of their albums sometimes being released in other countries, particularly in the US.

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