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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Red Hen about?

Little Red Hen is a time-tested cautionary tale about how we reap what we sow. When the hen asks a cat, dog, and mouse for help planting some wheat, she gets no takers: "‘Not I!’ said the cat. ‘Not I!’ said the dog. ‘Not I!’ said the mouse." They won’t water, cut, or grind the wheat . . . or help bake a cake with it, either.

Does the Little Red Hen share the cake?

After the cat, dog and pig don't help with every step leading up to the finished cake, the Little Red Hen does NOT share the cake, which is an important part of the moral and lesson of the story. But, on the next and last page of the book, the cat, dog and pig have all become "very eager helpers" "whenever there was work to be done."

What grade is Red Hen?

The story is about a Red Hen who lives in a house with a dog, cat, and a mouse, and they are VERY lazy and do not help with any chores around the house, except for at the end of the st Grade range for this book is from pre-k to 2nd. This book is a folk tale classic about a cat, dog, mouse, and a hen all living together.

How is repetition used in the Little Redhen?

Repetition is used throughout the book, making for an entertaining and easy read. The little red hen consistently asks who will help her with a specific task, which is followed by a chorus of “not I’s” from her friends. The little red hen then states that she will complete the task herself.

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