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Frequently Asked Questions

How does talent link work with managers/agents?

Talent Link is posted on managers/agents daily breakdowns as a memo. When reps click on the memo, they will see a single headshot of each of the actors that signed up for that release. Once they click on an actor's primary headshot, they will be able to view the actor's photos, résumé, and videos.

How much does taltalent link cost?

Talent Link is a service we provide to actors who are seeking new talent representation. The service costs $35 USD for one month. We post a memo to agents and managers four times a month, with an active link directing them to actor videos, pictures, and résumés.

How do I contact an actor I have seen on talent link?

If you are a talent representative and wish to contact an actor you have seen on Talent Link, please email [email protected] in Los Angeles or email [email protected] in New York.

What is actors access and how does it work?

Actors Access is an online membership site that allows actors to submit directly to casting breakdowns posted by casting directors. Breakdown Services which owns and operates Actors Access releases over 43,000 projects per year and has a database of over 1.1 million actors.

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