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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major land features of taiga?

The landforms of the Taiga Plains include broad lowlands and gently rolling plains, as well as large river valleys. The Taiga Plains are located in the sub-arctic zone of the Northwest Territories province of Canada.

Does taiga have lot of trees?

Even though the taiga is mostly coniferous – dominated by larch, spruce, fir, and pine, some broadleaf trees can also been seen here. For example birch, aspen, willow, and rowan. A lot of the trees found in the taiga change their biochemistry throughout the year, so they have the strength to better resist freezing.

What type of soil is found in the taiga?

The main types of soil typically found in the taiga biome are spodosol, histosol and inceptisol, all of which contain very few nutrients.

What are the land forms of the taiga?

What Major Landforms Are in the Biome Taiga? Climate. Winter temperatures in the taiga biome generally range between minus 65 degrees and 30 degrees Fahrenheit. High Plains. Retreating glaciers from the last ice age smoothed much of the taiga land mass. ... Flora. Tall conifers, such as Douglas fir, pine, white spruce and hemlock, grow abundantly in the biome's thick forests. Fauna. ...

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