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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about the taiga?

Facts About the Taiga Biome. Taiga is a Russian word meaning forest. Many years ago the taiga was covered with icy glaciers. The word boreal means northern or "of the north wind". The occasional wildfire is good for the taiga as it opens up area for new growth.

What are some animals in taiga?

Taiga: Animals. The cold climate of the taiga prevents many animals from living there year-round. Some of the large animals found in the taiga include moose, deer, and bears. Examples of smaller animals that live in the taiga are bobcats, squirrels, chipmunks, ermine, and moles.

What are the taiga seasons?

Taiga or boreal forests are the largest terrestrial biome on Earth. Seasons in taiga includes short summers with moist and moderately warm climate and dry winters which are long and cold. The length of the growing season in taiga is 130 days.

Does taiga have mountains?

Taiga term is also referred to one of the geographical areas of the northern temperate zone. Taiga forests belong to vast expanses of northern Eurasia and North America, covers a large area in the mountains of Northern Europe, the Japanese islands and the Pacific coast of North America.

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