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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DF do in Linux?

The df command displays the amount of disk space available on the filesystem with each file name's argument. For a good overview of the du command, read Tyler Carrigan's article Linux commands: du and the options you should be using. You might also be interested in my article Make du's output more useful with this neat trick.

What is the use of DF in AutoCAD?

It is used to measure and identify the memory usage of specific files and directories that take up a large sum of the disk memory usage. When we give a file name that is in the directory, the df will give the complete report of the memory usage of the disk in that directory.

What does DF stand for?

Distrito Federal (Spanish: Federal District) DF Data Frame DF Dairy Free DF Disk Free DF Distrito Federal (Brazil) DF Delta Force (Novalogic military combat game) DF Drug Free DF Dwarf Fortress (video game)

What is DF Dude?

Mike:"df dude !" Get a df mug for your Uncle Vivek. A class of US citizen that receives all their news from the National Public Radio, or NPR, and no other sources. See: shit-lib, NPC, or SWPL (white educated liberal bohemian). This personality is the counterpart of an American who is addicted to Fox News.

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