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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Systema?

With offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, and North-, and South-America, as well as a presence in the Middle East (Israel), SYSTEMA’s global footprint enables us to provide the highest level of support and collaboration to our customers and their projects. Manufacturing in the Cloud? Human, Machine, or Software?

Who is Sistema®?

From those humble beginnings, Sistema® is now supported by a global team of over 700 employees. The vision to manufacture beautifully designed products in New Zealand and ship them to customers around the world has been realised. The dream continues with a passionate focus on innovation, design and an ever-increasing range of desired products.

Who is the founder of Systema?

Our School and Instructors are Fully Certified and Endorsed by Systema Founder, Vladimir Vasiliev, Systema Headquarters, Toronto.

What is Systema's core business?

Our core business is to help our customers integrate, automate, optimize and visualize their manufacturing environment. We work to find the best solution for you, whether that involves implementing a solution from SYSTEMA’s portfolio, developing a custom response or migrating to a COTS application.

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