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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the PHP version in CentOS 7?

Changing the PHP Version in CentOS Web Panel First off, log in to your CWP dashboard and click PHP Version Switcher on the left panel. Then, select the PHP version you want to switch to from the dropdown menu. Although it has been available on the dropdown menu, the PHP version you prefer is technically not installed yet on your server.

How to use PHP version switcher in cPanel?

CWP has a PHP Switch option where you can very easily switch to other PHP version and recompile it with desired modules. How to use it? Click on PHP Version Switcher (here you will get server PHP version and compiled modules which your server has now compiled). Select PHP Version you wish to compile in drop-down menu and click next.

How to switch between PHP versions for Apache and command line?

You can simply switch your PHP version to default used for Apache and command line. For example, your server has PHP 7.2 and PHP 5.6 both version’s installed. Now following example will help you to switch between both versions.

How do I change the PHP server on my VPS?

There is also a feature to change the PHP server on your VPS in case you need to. There are two features that you can use to switch from a PHP version to another: PHP Version Switcher and PHP Selector. PHP Selector is only available on the pro version of CWP while PHP Version Switcher is available for all versions (free and pro).

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