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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainablesustainability in the context of PVC?

Sustainability in the context of PVC has been defined in this report through a series of clearly defined science-based constraints and systems and the enclosed case history forms a part of this sustainable development process.

Is the European PVC industry sustainable?

The European PVC industry has a long history of sustainable development and circular economy. The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers (ECVM) represents the six leading European PVC resin manufacturers, accounting for around 75% of the PVC resin manufactured in Europe.

Is PVC bad for the environment?

"However, the use of PVC in buildings has a low environmental impact for the following reasons: The hard PVC products used in buildings can be easily recycled when the building reaches the end of its life cycle; PVC building material is perfectly suited for recycling, given that it is easily identifiable...

What is pvc4cables?

is the European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers' (ECVM) platform dedicated to the PVC cables value chain. PVC4Cables intends to act as a driver for environmentally responsible innovations in the PVC cables sector and as a focal point for dialogue and communications with all stakeholders.

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