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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CSR the same as sustainability?

Sustainability & CSR are the Same. In the last 3-4 years when the CSR legislation was being propelled by the Indian Parliament were people said sustainability is the right thing, CSR is the wrong thing or vice versa. The fact is, it’s not CSR or sustainability, it is CSR and sustainability; one envelopes the other.

Is CSR primarily based profit or ethics?

According to their perspective, CSR is to meet the necessities of the stakeholders and the social interest also takes part in practicing the profit of the organization. Moreover, CSR also can have regarded as either both profit or ethics and neither profit nor ethics, where economic and ethical approaches do not imply.

What is the difference between Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability?

Corporate social responsibility, often called simply CSR, refers to doing business in ways that benefit, rather than harm, society and the environment. Business sustainability refers to a company's ability to survive into the future and to eventually outlive its current owners.

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