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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done to ensure food security?

5 steps we all must take to ensure food safety Ensure food is safe. National governments are critical in guaranteeing food is safe and nutritious for all. ... Grow food safely. To ensure a sufficient supply of safe food at the global level while also minimizing their environmental impact and adapting to climate change, food producers need ... Keep food safe. ... Check that food is safe. ... Team up for safety. ...

What is the Global Food Security Index?

Global food security index. The Global Food Security Index consists of a set of indices from 113 countries. It measures food security across most of the countries of the world. It was first published in 2012, and is managed and updated annually by The Economist 's intelligence unit.

What is sustainability efforts?

Sustainability Efforts. Examples of our sustainable agricultural practices include: Working with our growers to advance sustainable practices and encourage responsible land stewardship. Ensuring that all organic matter from the field and facility is either returned to the soil or utilized for animal feed.

What is food security survey?

National Food Security Surveys are the main survey tool used by the USDA to measure food security in the United States. Based on respondents' answers to survey questions, the household can be placed on a continuum of food security defined by the USDA.

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