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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainability?

The ultimate objective of establishing the concept of sustainability as an organizing principle for the planet is to foster a well-functioning alignment between individuals, society, the economy and the regenerative capacity of the planet’s life-supporting ecosystems.

What are forests considered a sustainable resource?

Forests are one natural resource that sustainability groups are focused on conserving. Forests made up about 30 percent of Earth’s land mass in 2015, but that number is at risk of decreasing. In 2018, studies showed that approximately 18 million acres of trees are cleared each year for lumber or agriculture.

What is a sustainable society?

A sustainable society is founded on equal access to health care, nutrition, clean water, shelter, education, energy, economic opportunities and employment. In this ideal society, humans live in harmony with their natural environment, conserving resources not only for their own generation, but also for their children’s children.

What are sustainable practices?

Sustainable practices include planting new seedlings in deforested areas and reducing the number of trees cut down each year. Especially as the human population grows, it is critical that we reduce our depletion of forests, precious metals, and other natural resources.

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