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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the elements of a sugar skull tattoo?

The elements that you add to the sugar skull tattoo design can be anything that the person who had passed on had loved in his life or anything you associate with them. Apart from the general colors like black, grey, and white, the artist has also used hues of purple and blue to complete this design.

What tattoos do the Mexicans use for day of the dead?

The Mexicans use sugar skulls during their Day of the Dead celebration. 16. Female Sugar Skull Tattoos Sugar skull tattoos are popular for both men and women. 17. Sugar Skull Tattoo on Leg

Do you know the meaning behind sugar skulls?

However, some people are not aware that they are not just pretty designs yet they represent deeper meanings. Sugar skulls are a significant part of the Mexican culture especially during the Day of the Dead. They use sugar skulls to decorate the gravestones of their loved ones.

What does a female skull tattoo mean?

The female skull tattoos are originally different from the general skull tattoos. In this design, you can see the face of a female that has been decorated with tattoos. There are some flowers around it and the snake is covering her head. Snake tattoos on the representation of rebirth and power.

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