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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find out your password?

Check the router unit for the password. Most manufacturers place the router's password on a sticker that's on the back or the bottom of the router unit. The password is usually near the "SSID" heading. In most cases, the password will be a long string of letters and numbers, both upper-case and lower-case.

How do I Find my Windows user name?

Another way to determine your user name is to open the start menu, type "user account" in the search field, and hit Enter: Windows 7 will open the Control Panel, with your current username automatically selected, and its user profile (administrator, standard user, guest account).

How do I Change my Windows username and password?

Change password Open Control Panel. Double-click the Users Accounts icon. Select the account you want to change. Select the option "Change my name" to change your username or "Create a password" or "Change my password" to change your password.

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