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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players are playing line war on Steam?

How many players are playing Line War right now on Steam? There are 5 players in Line War on Steam. Line War player counter. Line War Steam charts. SteamDB has been running ad-free since 2012.

What kind of game is line War?

LINE WAR IS AT THIS POINT IN TIME A 1V1 PLAYER-ONLY RTS GAME Inspired by classic RTS titles like Command and Conquer with a nod to famed board game Axis and Allies, Line War combines elements of 4X, wargame, and real-time tactics genres into a unique strategic experience for veterans and newcomers.

What is the command system in line War?

This game has a never-before-seen approach that lets you focus on drawing commands and executing a strategy rather than managing individual units. Chain commands and execute orchestrated operations for coordinated attacks against your opponent. This command system sets Line War apart from other strategy games.

Is line war dead?

The strategic gameplay and command system is receiving excellent reviews, which is exactly why we are super encouraged to continue development and evolving Line War. Don’t worry; Line War is not dead. We have a community of hard-core players (that are now beating us, developers, in matches big time), and development continues behind the scenes.

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