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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TN stand for in a state?

Length. TN Abbreviation. 44. TN. Tamil Nadu. India, State Code, Indian State. India, State Code, Indian State. 24. TN.

Is the state of Tennessee a non-recourse state?

Tennessee is a recourse state, but the law was changed in favor of the borrower so that the deficiency is measured not by the excess of the amount owed over the foreclosure sale amount, but rather by the amount owed in excess of the greater of: i) the foreclosure sale amount, or ii) the fair market value of the property.

What state has the initials TN?

Georgia is a southern state of the United States and its U.S. postal abbreviation is GA . Georgia is bordered by Florida (S), Alabama (W), Tennessee and North Carolina (N) and South Carolina and the Atlantic Ocean (E).

What state is Tennessee next to?

Eight states neighbor Tennessee: Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri. Tennessee is tied with Missouri for having the most bordering states. Much of the land that comprises modern-day Tennessee was a part of North Carolina in colonial times.

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