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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a job with StaffMark group?

Finding your next job just got easier! Staffmark Group WorkNOW is a job search app that allows you to search and apply for jobs across all Staffmark Group companies, including: Advantage Resourcing, Advantage xPO, Digital People, Hunter Hamilton, Pro Staff, and Staffmark.

How do I find my next job with worknow?

Download the Staffmark Group WorkNOW app to find your next job—and you’ll never need to look for another job again. When your job ends and you’re ready for something new, the app will send new opportunities your way! *If you already work for us, you should have received an email with a Smartlink.

Is StaffMark company a scam?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: It's come to our attention that unauthorized individuals have created fraudulent job postings using Staffmark Group's name, logo, and likeness (including the name Staffmark Company). The scammers are sending applicants a check and asking them to cash it and return a portion.

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