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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't spyworks support VB5 files work with it?

It uses the VB5 edition of the SpyWorks support files which weren't installed since the VB5 file types were not selected. To fix this problem, copy the dwvscmp6.dll file from the SpyWorks CD's "\SpyWorks70\System32" folder to your System (or System32) folder and register the file.

How do I reference a spyworks demo control from a file?

For each reference to a SpyWorks Demo control, decrement the first digit or character of the control's guid (the first digit or character after the " {") - note that this is a hexidecimal value, then remove the "d" located just before the file extension ("." character) from the file name.

Why do I get installation errors when installing spyworks?

The errors are the results of a registration error during the installation. What is happening is that the SpyWorks 7.0 Pro setup program is trying to use the 32 bit registration functions to register the 16 bit OCX files. Furthermore, these files are installed in the wrong NT System folder (System32 instead of System).

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