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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy leaf springs for my truck? is your source for quality leaf springs. Need help finding a pair of leaf springs, give us a call at 1-800-358-4751. ... Loading… 2-1/2" Square Leaf Spring tip insert. Prevents noise and wear at the tips of 2.5" wide leaf springs.

Who is the Palm Springs 4×4 club?

Based out of Coachella Valley, known as Palm Springs California, this is a family-oriented 4×4 club formed for the enjoyment and preservation of four wheeling. Out of Concord, this is a group of responsible and mature members who share the same common interest in 4-wheeling.

Where is the Springs camping and adventure park?

Your hosts Carolyn and Neil Taylor welcome you to their slice of paradise. The Springs Camping and Adventure Park is situated just south of Warwick on the New England Highway in the Granite Belt region of South East Queensland.

Do class 8 trucks still use leaf springs?

Trucks, vans, trailers, and Class 8 trucks are all still using leaf springs to haul the heavy loads that are needed to get the job done. What is a leaf spring? A leaf spring is composed of one or more long steel plates called leaves. When clamped together, we refer to it as a leaf spring "stack."

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