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Frequently Asked Questions

Are slip dresses in style in 2022?

Slip dresses will still be everywhere in spring 2022 and they’re extra wearable with a chunky knitwear sweater or oversized blazer. Think bright, cheery colors like pinks for spring and pair with choker necklaces and saddlebag purses for a refreshed early 2000s look.

What will be the prom dresses for spring 2022?

The metallic sheen look is in right now and is set to be the big choice for Spring 2022 prom season, and by offering the effect in blues, greens, yellows and more Sherri Hill has created a collection that is simply sensational. Another style that is sure to be a hit in Spring 2022 is the classic A-line off the shoulder look.

What are the most popular fashion trends of 2022?

From multicolored strings that stemmed from maxis (Chloé) and minidresses (Burberry) to suiting made entirely of thick belts that draped onto the floor (Balmain), fringe is quickly becoming one of 2022's most dominant and interesting trends. Sporty pieces are still dominating and made a solid statement on the runways.

What will be trending on the spring/summer 2022 runways?

We spotted a few repeat themes on the Spring/Summer 2022 runways that will be welcome additions to your spring wardrobe. With virtually no loungewear in sight, body-empowering pieces— like mini skirts and bra tops —reigned on the runways, as did lighthearted prints and textures like gingham and crochet.

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