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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Spanish words for food?

Below you’ll find a list of Spanish food-related words, including the words for basic ingredients and foods, as well as cooking verbs. fork: tenedor. spoon: cuchara. knife: cuchillo. plate: plato. glass: copa. cup: vaso, taza. bowl: platón / bol / taza.

What are some Spanish food names?

One of the most popular Spanish foods, Fabada Asturiana is a hearty warming stew of beans and sausages, originating in the Principality of Asturias, in northwestern Spain. The traditional recipe requires fabas (locally-grown large white bean), chorizo, morcillo (Spanish blood sausage), smoked paprika, and saffron.

What are some common Spanish foods?

Some of Spain's more famous traditional dishes are paella, tortilla Espanola, gazpacho, gambas ajillo, aioli, sheep, cheese and chorizo. Other foods found in a Spaniard's diet are fish, pork, lamb, shellfish and wine.

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