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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for accounts payable?

Accounts payable is the accounting procedure companies use to pay bills. While this procedure does not usually have any hard and fast rules, a few universal principles apply. Companies often match vendor invoices to internal purchase orders before issuing payments.

What are the steps in accounts payable?

When postings are made in Accounts Payable simultaneously recorded in the General ledger account. Step 1 :- Creation of Vendor Account Groups. Step 2 :- Create number range for vendors account. Step 3 :- Assign number range to vendor account groups. Step 4 :- Define tolerance group for vendor. Step 5 :- Creation of vendor master.

What is accounts payable certification?

Accounting Certifications. Certified Accounts Payable Associate (CAPA) is a professional certificate for accounts payable specialists. You'll have to demonstrate your knowledge and competency as an accounts payable specialist to earn your CAPA. You'll also have to meet education and work experience as well to earn this designation.

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