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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of holsters does Colt make?

Colt Cobra .38 Special Holsters Colt Defender .45 Holsters Colt Mark IV Series 80 Holsters Colt Mustang Pocketlite Holsters CZ Pistols CZ 2075 Rami Holsters CZ 75 P-01 Holsters CZ 75 P07 Holsters CZ P-10C Holsters CZ-75D Compact Holsters Diamondback Diamondback DB380 Holsters Diamondback DB9 Holsters Double Tap Double Tap Holsters FNS

What kind of holsters does kimkimber make?

Kimber Solo Holsters Kimber Ultra Carry Holsters Kimber Ultra Carry II Holsters Kimber Ultra TLE II Holsters Masterpiece Arms Masterpiece Arms .32 Holsters Masterpiece Arms .380 Holsters Remington Remington R51 Holsters

What are the different types of tactical holsters?

Thin Blue Line Tactical Holster Thin Red Line Tactical Holster Covert Series Blue Covert Series Green Covert Series Grey Covert Series Red Covert Series Pink Covert Series Camouflage Series Pink Camo Series Leather

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