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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a performance review?

Performance Reviews. Definition: An analysis of an employee's work habits undertaken at a fixed point in time to determine the degree to which stated objectives and expectations have been reached. Everybody who works for you needs to know where they stand and how they are doing compared to your expectations of them.

What is an annual performance review?

An annual performance review involves a formal discussion about an employee’s development and performance. The review is a planning process. It involves setting a plan of action for the next period and reviewing what has been achieved in the last period.

What is a performance review template?

What is a performance review template? A performance review template is a valuable tool that can help managers and human resources objectively evaluate an employee's work performance . It allows managers to determine an employee's areas of weaknesses and strengths.

What is employee performance review?

A performance appraisal, also called a performance review, is an evaluation of an employee's work based on a set of specific criteria or standards. The performance review generally looks back at an employee's performance over the past year and involves setting new plans and goals for the year ahead.

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