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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Smartsheet reports?

Smartsheet reports allow you to easily work with real-time data from across multiple sheets in a single view. You can consolidate key tasks and milestones into an overview for stakeholders, or create different views for various initiatives.

How do I use formulas in Smartsheet?

You can add formulas to specified fields, or apply a uniform calculation to an entire column. You can also create formulas in the Sheet Summary to save space in your grid. Formulas can include functions, such as SUM, AVG, and IF. There are also several unique functions exclusive to Smartsheet, including hierarchy functions like CHILDREN.

What are funfunctions in Smartsheet?

Functions perform calculations with or manipulate data in sheets. For the complete list of functions available in Smartsheet, see the Smartsheet Functions List. You can use the following operators in Smartsheet formulas. To edit an existing formula: Double-click a field containing the formula to open it for editing.

How do I create a row report in Smartsheet?

Here’s how to get started: Select the Menu icon (upper-left corner of the Smartsheet window) > Home. Select the Solution Center (plus) icon. In the left panel, select Create, and choose the Report tile. Enter a name for your report, select Row report and click OK. Your new report is created in the Sheets folder.

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