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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart board?

The SMART Board® 660 series interactive whiteboard Intuitive design and finger-touch controls make it easy for educators to turn lessons into learning experiences. Dimensions. Contact with the interactive whiteboard is converted into mouse clicks or electronic ink.

What is Samsung Smart signage e-board display?

The Samsung SMART Signage e-Board display’s embedded MagicIWB S2 interactive content management software solution transforms a traditional presentation into a dynamic business or educational experience.

What is a Samsung Flip board?

With features that greatly enhance today’s fast-paced and digital-centric workflow, this Samsung flip board is an interactive, touchscreen digital display that allows teams or students to hold and recap meetings or classes with incredible ease.

What is the Samsung E-Board?

With a design format resembling that of an analog white board, the Samsung e-Board helps ensure user familiarly and seamless technology adoption, while also bringing design sophistication and advanced functionality to business and educational environments.

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