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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest MRT station in Singapore?

Nearest MRT station is Esplanade on the Circle Line and City Hall, which can be reached with the North-South or East-West line. The enormous observation wheel in the vicinity of the river gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of Singapore.

How many MRT lines will there be in 2040?

The MRT lines are estimated to double in range with a total length of nearly 400 kilometers (approximately 250 miles) by 2040. This will get accomplished by expanding the current six lines and building three additional new lines.

What is cred to seloloving Singapore's MRT system?

Cred to Seloloving Singapore’s MRT system is split between two public transport operators. The SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT) and SBS Transit (SBS). The operation hours are the same for the entire system starting 5.30am and is operative until around midnight every day, weekdays and weekends.

When did the MRT start?

It all started in the early 1980’s when the first section of the MRT started operations on November 7th in 1987. It was a section of the red, North South line that spanned across six kilometres (about 3.7 miles) and consisted of five stations. Within the following year at the end of 1988, 20 more stations had been built.

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