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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ShotSpotter work in the district?

The District’s ShotSpotter has detected 39,000 outdoor gunshot incidents in the past eight years. Sensors cover about a third of the city and are concentrated where gun crime is highest. It allows police to respond immediately to the exact location where shots are fired and provides a dramatic picture of the danger faced in many neighborhoods.

How accurate are ShotSpotter alerts in Chicago?

The MacArthur Justice Center’s report found that in Chicago, initial police responses to 88.7 percent of ShotSpotter alerts found no incidents involving a gun. The company disputes whether this means its technology is inaccurate, pointing out that someone can shoot a gun but leave no evidence behind.

When does Chicago's new contract with ShotSpotter expire?

Chicago’s $33 million, three-year contract with ShotSpotter began on August 20, 2018 — but in December 2020, well before the end of the 2021 contract term, the City exercised an option to extend the contract, setting a new expiration date for August 19, 2023, the Chicago Tribune reports.

What are shotshotspotter false alarms?

ShotSpotter false alarms send police on numerous trips (in Chicago, more than 60 times a day) into communities for no reason and on high alert expecting to potentially confront a dangerous situation. Given the already tragic number of shootings of Black people by police, that is a recipe for trouble.

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