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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Ed Sheeran get sued for copyright infringement?

In 2016, Townsend's family filed a lawsuit against pop music superstar Ed Sheeran, also repped by Sony, accusing the artist and Sony/Atlantic Records of copyright infringement. The lawsuit accused Sheeran of lifting the melody, harmony and rhythmic components from Gaye's track for Sheeran's hit, "Thinking Out Loud."

Is Ed Sheeran's 'let's get it on' in the public domain?

Sheeran responded to the suit when it was first filed, reportedly claiming the chord progressions and drum patterns for "Let's Get It On" were extremely commonplace, in the public domain and unprotectable. The lawsuit has been filed in the southern district of New York and has a trial date of Nov. 9.

Is Ed Sheeran's 'photograph' a copy of 'Amazing'?

The Grammy-winning singer has been hit with a lawsuit by Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, and their publishing company HaloSongs, who allege that Sheeran's "Photograph" is a copy of their 2009 song "Amazing." Harrington and Leonardo's single was sung by Matt Cardle, the winner of the 2010 season of The X Factor.

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