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Frequently Asked Questions

Is harassment and retaliation the same thing?

Retaliation harassment is a subtle form of retaliation and an often-overlooked type of workplace harassment. Retaliation harassment occurs when a person harasses someone else to get revenge and to prevent the victim from behaving in such a way again. ... an employer’s responsibility to take steps to stop the behavior is the same. 11.

How to avoid being accused of sexual harassment?

“Research shows that people who act like a stereotypical frat boy in the workplace don’t get much leeway if they accidently say the wrong thing or curse.” To avoid being accused of sexual harassment, treat everyone equally and avoid comments that refer to age, appearance or gender.

How do I report sexual harassment?

How do I Report Sexual Harassment? Generally, you should directly tell the harasser that their actions are unwelcome. Sometimes this stops the sexual harassment because a coworker or supervisor does not realize that what they are doing is offensive or harassing until confronted. However, you should also report the sexual harassment to your employer.

Why are victims reluctant to report sexual harassment?

Another reason individuals may fail to speak out against sexual harassment is something called the bystander effect, which says that we are less likely to help a victim when others are also present.

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