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Frequently Asked Questions

How can camera inspection diagnose the sewer problems?

The main objective of using a sewer camera is to enable you to see whatever is causing the sewer problem without having to dig up the entire area to determine the problem. The cameras help you to inspect the whole sewer system to diagnose some of the problems. This is done by attaching a small, flexible sewer camera on a cable which plumbers then put into the sewer pipe until it reaches the area that has the blockage.

Why do I need sewer camera inspection?

What a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Do Locate Lines. Sewer cameras have location devices that send out a signal. ... Drainage or Stoppage Issues. We call this your "sewer is not working as it is designed to work." Sewer pipes work using the power of gravity. PVC or Cast Iron Pipe. We determine what type of system you have by running a sewer camera inside the pipes. Sewer System Connections. ...

Why is a sewer camera inspection necessary?

A sewer camera inspection is often necessary when planning a bathroom remodeling project. This is because it is important to make sure the lines can handle the increase in waste water flow through the pipes.

How are sewer camera inspections so accurate?

The analysis of the condition of the pipe from the sewer camera inspection is more accurate because the camera shows you exactly what is going on in the pipe . No more second guessing where the leak is coming from.

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