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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable Windows 10 mail notification?

Steps to Enable and Disable Email Notification in Windows 10: Before getting into the process of enabling and disabling the email notification ensure that you have enabled the notifications from all apps. ... In the Settings app window you have to click on System, this will let you manage notifications settings. In the Settings window under the navigation panel you have to click on ' Notifications & actions '. More items...

How to get started with Windows 10 Mail app?

How to start using the Mail app on Windows 10 Adding new email account. Search for Mail, and click the top result to open the experience. ... Adding multiple email accounts. ... Changing email account settings. ... Checking and replying emails. ... Composing your first email. ... Customizing the Mail app experience. ... Removing email accounts. ... Reseting the Mail app. ... Wrapping things up. ... More Windows 10 resources. ...

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