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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price for a septum piercing?

Since the piercing process itself is fairly easy (but should still be done by a professional) you might want to know what the septum piercing ballpark range is like. On average, septum piercing price ranges between $30 and $90. That cost isn’t just for the piercing, but the starter jewelry as well.

Is it safe to pierce your own septum?

Why anyone would want to self-pierce the septum is beyond me, since any piercing involves the breaking of skin and insertion of jewelry, and doing it on your own increases the already high chance of contamination. Without proper training and know-how, you can do serious damage, from giving yourself a gnarly scar to picking up a nasty infection.

What does it feel like to get your septum pierced?

With a septum piercing, you know you’re going to be feeling it for a while. It’ll be red, sore and crusty for a couple of weeks. However, if the piercing area begins to ooze colored discharge or becomes excessively swollen or painful then you may have an infection on your hands.

What happens if your septum is pierced wrong?

What happens if your septum is pierced wrong? If your septum was pierced incorrectly, blood capillaries may have been broken and can cause uncomfortable fluid and blood build up. If you notice an excessive amount of pressure in or around your septum, contact your doc.

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