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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of mud flap hangers are available?

Mud flap hangers support mud flaps on semi-trailers and heavy-duty trucks. Our semi-truck mud flap hangers are durable and easy to install. Choose from straight, tapered and angled configurations in a variety of lengths and finishes with or without conspicuity tape. Find a distributor or contact us to learn more.

What are the different types of mud flap weights?

Some of the choices include, slanted hangers, straight, and coiled hangers. If you need a custom application, we can provide those as well. We can customize most center panels to your liking and have tons of chrome mud flap weights.

What are fast flaps made of?

Fast flap brackets are made from stainless steel, heat tempered to spring steel. A screwdriver (minimum length of 10″) pries the Fast Flaps bar apart, allowing you to insert the mud flap into the gap. One Fast Flap kit includes everything you need to mount two mud flaps (not included).

How do you make mud flap installation easy?

Make mud flap installation easy with our range of mud flap hangers and weights, built to withstand long miles and tough conditions. Our mud flap weights will attach to the bottom of different flaps to extend their coverage and keep them vertical.

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