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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on search in outlook?

Click inside Outlook’s "Instant Search" bar in any folder, such as Mail or Calendar, to view this message: "The Windows Search service is not installed.". Click "OK.". A message prompt displays "Click here to turn on Instant Search" under the Instant Search pane. Don't click this pane.

How do you search your email in outlook?

To search for emails in Outlook Mail on the web: Select Search Mail and People. You can also press Alt-Q or Option-Q with Outlook Mail on the Web keyboard shortcuts enabled. Type the words for which you want to search. You can select from Outlook Mail on the Web's auto-complete suggestions.

How do I get the menu bar on outlook?

To do so, choose Tools | Customize, click the Commands tab, and click Rearrange Commands. In the Rearrange Commands dialog box, select either the Menu Bar or Toolbar option. Then, choose the appropriate menu (if you selected the Menu Bar option) or toolbar (if you selected Toolbar) from the drop-down list at the top of the dialog box.

How to search specific email in outlook?

Manually search all emails by a specific sender in Outlook Click on the Search field to enable the Search Tool function. In the Search Inbox, type the sender email address that you want to search all the emails by. See screenshot: Then you will see all the emails which include the specific email address from the Current Folder are listed below the Search field.

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