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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a satellite finder meter?

Satellite Finder. A satellite finder is a specialized signal-strength meter used to point satellite dishes and LNBs. There are two general classes of satellite finders: analog and digital satellite finders. Most analog satellite finders are inexpensive devices which simply display the strength of the received signal.

What is a signal strength meter?

S meter. An S meter (signal strength meter) is an indicator often provided on communications receivers, such as amateur radio receivers or shortwave broadcast receivers. The scale markings are derived from a system of reporting signal strength from S1 to S9 as part of the R-S-T system.

What is satellite finder?

A satellite finder (or sat finder) is a satellite signal meter used to accurately point satellite dishes at communications satellites in geostationary orbit.

What is a satellite meter?

March 31, 2015. A satellite finder meter is a specialized device designed to help you position your satellite dish to receive the strongest signal for best television reception. They are simple to operate and are designed to be used while you're at the satellite dish so you don't have to check your signal strength at your television set.

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