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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sales funnel do?

The sales funnel is a metaphor for the sales process from initial contact to final sale. The funnel has five stages: lead, prospect, qualified prospect, committed and transacted. Toward the bottom of the funnel, time to closing decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases.

What is Aida in marketing?

AIDA is an acronym that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. The AIDA model is widely used in marketing and advertising to describe the steps or stages that occur from the time when a consumer first becomes aware of a product or brand through to when the consumer trials a product or makes a purchase decision.

What is the AIDA model in marketing?

The AIDA Model is a classic marketing model that is often practiced by marketeers. According to the model, the consumer goes through a number of steps (in sequence) in confrontation with marketing communication (such as an ad).

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