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Home delivery and Digital Access customers of The Salem News get deals for restaurants, hotels, attractions and other businesses, locally and across the country. Check out our series of podcasts on topics from high school football to Halloween in Salem.

What happened at 731 South State Street Salem?

Salem Police, Perry Township Police, the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbiana County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant Friday afternoon at 731 W. State St., Salem, seizing suspected narcotics, a large amount of prescription medications, drug paraphernalia and a ...

Who is heading up the Salem super cruise?

SALEM — City Councilman Dennis Plegge considers heading up the Salem Super Cruise both a challenge and an honor — one that he’s excited to take on. Plegge stepped forward in the fall when longtime organizer Gene Johnson of the Cruisin’ Crew announced during a city council meeting that ...

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