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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind Salad Fingers?

The surreal life of Salad Fingers, an unknown creature living in an apocalyptic wasteland. Salad Fingers decides it's time to turn Hubert Cumberdale into a real boy, but he becomes haunted by his mother and an evil version of himself in the mirror. Salad Fingers runs his own market stall but has some issues with the locals.

What does Salad Fingers do?

Salad Fingers is a 2004 animated series by David Firth. It is a psychological horror series about the titular character of Salad Fingers' life in a seemingly devastated city. Salad Fingers is a green, hunchbacked humanoid who has finger puppets as his only forms of company.

What does Salad Fingers look like?

Salad Fingers is a bald, hunchbacked, green-skinned humanoid with dark red eyes and three, prong-like fingers on each hand. His teeth are yellow and rotted. He usually wears a teal, long-sleeved shirt, black (originally blue) pants, and brown shoes.

What merchandise is available for Salad Fingers?

Get the Salad Fingers mug. Salad Fingers is a well known cartoon created by David Firth. The title character is a vaguely human being, with the exception of having green skin and very long "Salad Fingers". Salad Fingers has a strange fondness for rusty objects, especially spoons, and a love for taps.

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