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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friday night Funkin '- Mr Salad Fingers?

Friday Night Funkin '- Mr. Salad Fingers is the new FNF mode in which you will have to dance as best you can to win the rhythmic fight against this strange character. Who is Mr. Salad Fingers?

Where can I play FNF vs Mr Salad Fingers unblocked?

More Info: Play FnF vs Mr. Salad Fingers unblocked at Y9 Games. Play more unblocked games today on our website.

Is there a free mod for Salad Fingers?

This is a free game, so if you had fun and would like to keep up-to-update on the mod, make sure to support mod creators on their social media by subscribing, following, liking, etc. Aight!: Sprite Artist, Musician, and Creator of the mod Riley Marini: The Voice of Salad Fingers on the mod! (They did a really good job imitating Salad’s voice!

What is Friday night Funkin mods FNF go?

Friday Night Funkin Mods FNF Go is a website that provides all Friday Night Funkin Mods online. You can play these FNF Mods on your browsers. FNF Go is supported by almost all famous browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.

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