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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Safeway price match?

Price-matching policy: Safeway does not price-match any of its competitors. However, other retailers will price match Safeway advertised prices, namely Super Target. (Walmart has discontinued price matching at many of its stores, so clarify first.)

What is Safeway reward?

To earn Safeway rewards points, use the Safeway Club Card when shopping at the store. Every dollar spent on grocery and pharmacy items earns one point, while every dollar spent on qualifying gift cards earns two points.

What is Safeway grocery store?

Safeway is a retail grocery store with locations across the United States. Safeway is part of a family of stores, including Vons locations. Vons tends to be located in the western United States while Safeway remains on the eastern side of the country.

What is Safeway Company?

Safeway Inc., a grocery company in the United States Safeway (Canada), a former subsidiary of the American company and now a division of Sobeys. Safeway (Australia), a defunct Australian supermarket chain, which was a subsidiary of the American company and is now part of Woolworths Limited.

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