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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Safeway in Belfair wa?

Visit your neighborhood Safeway located at 23961 NE State Route 3, Belfair, WA, for a convenient and friendly grocery experience! From our deli, bakery, fresh produce and helpful pharmacy staff, we've got you covered!

Where is the Safeway pharmacy located in New Hampshire?

Visit your neighborhood Safeway Pharmacy located at 23961 NE State Route 3 for convenient and friendly service! Your local Safeway Pharmacy is dedicated to providing you and your family exceptional health and wellness care.

How do I contact Safeway for more information?

For more information, visit or call (360) 275-0922. Stop by and see why our service, convenience, and fresh offerings will make Safeway your favorite local supermarket!

How do I get Safeway deals and delivery?

Download the Safeway Deals and Delivery app or simply update your existing mobile app to see your all-new, all-awesome perks. Find a huge selection and variety of Safeway exclusive brands throughout the store! From produce and dairy to floral, decor and everything in between, Safeway has you covered with quality products at a great value.

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