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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rome2rio?

Rome2rio’s independent guide to navigating Renfe trains and the Spanish rail system, from high-speed AVE and traditional Intercite trains as well as travel tips, maps, passes, timetables and fares.

Where can I buy Rome2rio tickets?

Here the tickets are sold by a British OTA called Loco2. When you click “proceed to payment,” you’re directed to their website. Rome2rio is great for creating a travel itinerary between multiple destinations, especially more off-the-grid locations that can be a little harder to research.

What happened to Rome2rio in 2016?

2016 – Rome2rio takes its first on-site bookings for rail operators in the United Kingdom, and others soon follow. The Melbourne team grows to 22 full-time employees. 2017 – Rome2rio now has a solid team of 40 people in Richmond’s digital quarter, and is a thriving “cockroach” startup, with over 500,000 daily unique visits.

Why choose together Rome2rio and Omio?

Together Rome2rio and Omio collaborate to create new and better experiences for travellers, from exploration of destinations to visit, right through to the booking experience and after a journey is started. Choosing us means saving time and money while loving the journey you’re on.

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