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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock factions in Rome Total War?

Hacking the Game Files to Unlock All Factions Find your Rome: Total War game files folder. Locate the campaign data. Make and open a copy of that file. Move faction names to the playable list. Move the altered file to the correct folder. Edit the faction description file if this didn't work.

How is Rome Total War abbreviated?

How is Rome Total War (game) abbreviated? RTW stands for Rome Total War (game). RTW is defined as Rome Total War (game) very frequently.

What was the largest battle in the Roman world?

Battle of Cannae This battle took place during the Second Punic War and was the largest battle in the history of the Roman Empire. It took place from 218 BC to 201 BC between the consuls of Rome and Hannibal of Carthage. The battle was the fiercest battle ever fought.

How was Rome hurt by the Punic Wars?

The Punic Wars. Rome attacked Carthage and the two sides fought bloody battles in a war that lasted almost three years. After a siege in 146BCE, the Romans broke through the city walls of Carthage. Once they subdued the Carthaginian army, Roman soldiers went from house to house slaughtering the people in their homes.

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