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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I refuse the pet addendum?

You cannot force your tenant to sign a changed pet addendum in the middle of the lease if he doesn't want to sign it. If you threaten eviction or any type of penalizing action based on your tenant not signing a new pet addendum, you could be in trouble if a court deems your action retaliatory.

Does an addendum supersede a rental agreement?

The addendum is a part of the lease agreement. Therefore, it does not stand on its own. However, the addendum should make references to the lease, contain the same date and name of parties as in the original lease agreement.

Is a lease addendum valid if the lessee did not?

Is a lease addendum valid if the lessee did not? Yes, the original lease is valid and the addendum is normally not valid unless you contractually agree to accept it or it is written to comply with some municipal code, HOA, etc. The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship.

Is lease addendum enforceable?

You cannot be evicted for refusing to sign an addendum to your current lease. The document you signed when you moved into your apartment is a legally enforceable document that is valid from the day you signed it until the day it expires. If either party wants to make changes to it, they BOTH have to agree on it.

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