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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cover your rent?

How to cover your rent Understand the terms of your lease: Your lease should include information on your rights and options if you are unable... Communicate with your landlord: If you know that you are unable to pay your rent, communication with your landlord is... Seek out free legal advice: Many ...

What is low income housing assistance?

Low income housing is available for those struggling to earn money. A Section 8 voucher provides rental assistance to citizens who would not otherwise be able to rent an apartment. Housing assistant programs may help low-income citizens with housing issues. Most low income housing programs have guidelines that participants must meet.

What is rent assistance?

Rental Assistance is a service arranged to help the transferee find a new rental, whether it’s an apartment, single-family home or condo. The process is meant to assist a transferee by assessing their needs for their unique and individual circumstances.

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