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Frequently Asked Questions

Is regret and remorse the same thing?

Remorse is very different from regret. Remorse is the experience of deep anguish over something you’ve done that has created a bad circumstance or caused injury to others (whether that injury was intended or unintended).

What is the meaning of regret?

The definition of a regret is a feeling of sorrow, guilt or shame about something that happened. An example of regret is an older woman wishing she'd told a high school crush how she felt. To feel sorry about (a thing that has or has not happened), afterthink: to wish that a thing had not happened, that something else had happened instead.

What is the cure for regret?

The way to “cure” yourself of the painful feelings of guilt and regret is to be willing to learn from these feelings, and do what it takes to take loving care of yourself. Doing this will lead you to redeem yourself by changing your behavior in the future, so you’ll have less reason to feel guilt or remorse in the first place.

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