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Is 'Red Dawn' coming to Austin?

" 'Red Dawn': Controversial remake to debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved September 5, 2012. ^ Subers, Ray (November 23, 2012). " 'Twilight,' 'Skyfall' Devour Newcomers on Turkey Day". Box Office Mojo. IMDB. Retrieved November 26, 2012. ^ Subers, Ray (November 25, 2012).

Is Red Dawn the most violent movie ever made?

There is so much gunfire in Red Dawn, in fact, that it once held the Guinness World Record for the most-violent movie ever made (according to The National Coalition on Television Violence, there were 134 acts of violence per hour, or 2.23 per minute).

Does Red Dawn really know what it wants to say?

Red Dawn knows what it wants to say; it just has a hard time saying it, and too often it goes for the easy score instead of really delving into the possibilities of the scenario. August 12, 2014 | Rating: C+ | Full Review…

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