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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best electric bicycles for adults?

The best electric bicycles for adults 2018 is the Ancheer folding mountain bike. This is a 26 inch mountain bike with a lithium ion battery and it can be folded away for easy storage. This is easily one of the best e-bikes on the market because: It looks fantastic.

What is a RAD electric bike?

Rad Power Bikes is well known for their full sized fat tire electric bike called the RadRover. It’s comfortable, off-road capable, and priced well… but as much fun as that product is, the stand over height is ~30.5″ and even with the quick release wheels, it’s just a big bike to move and store.

What is an electric bicycle?

An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, powerbike or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

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