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Frequently Asked Questions

Which member of BTS is your soulmate?

Jungkook is your BTS soulmate! He is really intelligent and very talented. He is the definition of a cool, city guy. Despite being so young, he is very mature and a great person to spend time with. You two will have fun going to the movies, listening to music and eating out at your favorite restaurants. RAP MONSTER.

Who is my soulmate BTS?

Jin is your BTS soulmate! He is mature, kind and loving and would make a perfect boyfriend! He is fun to be around and loves to laugh with his friends, but he also enjoys a quiet, relaxing evening at home with just the two of you. J-Hope is your BTS soulmate!

Who is your BTS bias?

Jungie Kookie! Your bias is Jungkook! The talented person in BTS ! Thr rapper,and the singer! Keep that!

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